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When tomorrow comes.


In some respects, the future is really easy to predict. There is no need to use crystal balls or tarot cards to foresee future emission legislation. The contours of a one-way track to ever tightening regulations are clearly visible.

Good for you we say! When lives are lost from the air we breathe, what else is there to do than to take a tough stance on emission standards?

We know a lot already. Through international focus on EPA/CARB and Euro emission legislation there is a firm grip on NOx and particulate matter emissions by which all diesel engines in the US and Europe will be regulated.

Regardless of your preferred technology for exhaust after treatment, a diesel particulate filter will definitely be involved in the solution. However, ensuring extreme filtration effectiveness is an essential part of the key for positioning yourself before tomorrow comes.

A Notox Silicon Carbide DPF will remove close to 100% of hazardous ultrafines and nanoparticle emissions. It is the most durable and high-performance filter in the market today--and tomorrow. No matter how tight emission standards become, you are sure to be ahead from the start.

And guess what--we are all for tightening emission standards. Every country, capital and city in the world today suffers from the effects of poor air quality from particulate emissions. Notox is in the business of cleaning the air we all breathe.

Make sure to be ahead for tomorrow today--Notox helps you be just that.

By Lars Tinggaard Johannesen

M.Sc. Chem. Eng.

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Author:Johannesen, Lars Tinggaard
Publication:Diesel Progress North American Edition
Date:Oct 1, 2008
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