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When time stands still.

A BULLET CAPTURED IN FLIGHT became a signature type of photography used by Guns & Ammo in the late 1960s through the 1990s. These instantaneous moments were caught using vintage strobes developed by Dr. Harold Edgerton, an inventor and former professor of electrical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Stroboscopic units provide a fractional microsecond flash duration, which is triggered by a microphone set a few inches from the muzzle. Usually, only after a series of attempts, the resulting image captures the very striking and illuminating phenomenon of the explosive forces surrounding a bullet, which occurs too fast to be discerned in detail by the naked eye. In 1962, Dr. Edgerton famously demonstrated his strobe flash photography on national television by shooting a bullet into a playing card and photographing the result.

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Title Annotation:SPENT CASES
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Date:May 1, 2014
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