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When the standard is not enough BFW[TM] surgical illumination 'is'.

Today's surgical headlight must have sound technology and meet ever-tightening OR budget requirements. Several companies offer quality products that fit the bill, however, BFW[TM] Inc. distinguishes itself by applying these fundamentals and adding two extraordinary elements--craftsmanship and customer service.

"We are for the surgeon who believes that the comfort and performance of their headlight makes a difference. We are also for the OR manager, bio-med tech or purchasing coordinator who appreciates a level of personalized service that standard brand-names do not offer," says BFW President and CEO Lynn R. Cooper.

Recognized around the world for progressive engineering and straightforward, functional design, from its Thru-the-Lens Headlight Imaging System to its Maxenon[TM] Xi 300-Watt Xenon System, BFWTM provides the most dependable and powerful headlight illumination available for the OR today

The Technological Breakthrough in Headlight Video Imaging

Competitors' headlight camera systems affix a camera lens on top of, to the side of, or below a headlight. This design results in parallax, where the camera lens and headlight beam become unaligned when the surgeon slightly moves closer or away from the field. Parallax causes the surgeon's line of sight to not be fully on camera. To record the case properly an annoying manual adjustment of the headlight optic and camera lens is necessary before and during a case.

The progressive design in BFW's[TM] Thru-the Lens Headlight Imaging System eliminates parallax by centering a medical-grade camera, exclusively designed for headlight application, within its High Beam Tri Lens surgical headlight. Camera and light alignment are stationary and fully coaxial--what the surgeon sees is always on camera. Simply point and shoot without adjustment.

With DV (IEEE 1394), S-VHS and BNC capability, the system's extended depth of focus provides the sharpest 4X magnification digital image regardless of inward or outward movement. BFW's[TM] Thru-the-Lens Headlight Imaging System is also available with a tower cart including a monitor, DV-Cam Deck or CD-R writer.

300-Watt Xenon Out-Performs Any Headlight in Today's OR.

The Maxenon[TM] Xi 300 Xenon Headlight System combines BFW's[TM] advanced High Beam TriLens fiber optic headlight with an extremely bright, dependable and durable xenon light source. Since xenon's advent in the 1980s, many attempts to replace xenon technology failed. To date, xenon light remains incomparable in its ability to provide brilliant and dependable 6000[degrees] K, 20,000 foot-candle illumination to the surgical field. BFW[TM] perfected surgical 300-watt xenon light.

The Maxenon[TM] Xi 300 is so bright many surgeons turn it down--confidently knowing they have higher gears to shift into when the going gets tough. More important are its benchmark features such as true Hot Start and an improved cooling system that prevent failed start ups and overheating. The result is reliable, extreme white light through the longest and most difficult cases. The BFW[TM] signature five-port rotating turret enables use with ACMI, Wolf, Storz, Olympus and BFW[TM] cables making this the most versatile xenon light source in its class.

The BFW[TM] High Beam TriLens fiber optic headlight is comfortable. Incomparably it provides a clear and remarkably brilliant 4.5" (11.5 cm) spot at a 16" (40 cm) working distance--the largest in its class. To achieve such unequaled performance, BFW[TM] crafts the optic with three of the finest Mag-Fluoride coated lenses and the finest German-engineered iris. BFW[TM] molds the optic crown with DuPont Minion[R], one of the preeminent heat resistant materials available today, ensuring safety and durability when using xenon light. The 4.75 mm fiber optic cable holds more than 9,000 glass strands sheathed in an innovative ultra light BFW[TM] BLUE Opaque sheath, affording a lower profile than all competitive cables that offer half the light delivering capacity. Choose the form-fitted, sturdy and dual-adjustable Classic headband or the soft Breath-O-Prene[R] Sport headband, both offer unmatched comfort, performance, safety and durability.

Compare BFW[TM] Products and Service 'Head-to-Head' With Its Competitors'

Put a BFW[TM] headlight on and try it up against the competitors'. Determine the results for yourself. When you use BFW[TM] surgical illumination you choose to set yourself apart from those who use just any headlight. Discover why BFW[TM] is the most respected name in surgical headlight illumination and imaging. It's because we perform on claims we make about our products and service. Time and again, surgeons, OR managers, bio technicians and purchasing coordinators say, "BFW[TM] is there for us ..." That speaks for itself.

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Date:Oct 1, 2005
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