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When the going gets hot.

Protective clothing can keep workers in the nuclear industry and other fields cool when it gets hot. The garments, from ESF Industries, Inc., are lined with a thin layer of a DuPont Hytrel polyester elastomer that is specially formulated to allow rapid evaporation and evacuation of sweat moisture while preventing intrusion by liquids or particulates.

Owing to the difference in relative humidity between the inside and outside of the garment and the moisture vapor permeability of the Hytrel grade, sweat moisture evaporates and diffuses rapidly. The elastomer's moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) is more than 10,000 grams per square meter per 24 hrs per mil of thickness, as measured by the inverted cup method.

While allowing moisture vapor to get out, Hytrel blocks the entry of liquids and is highly resistant to chemical attack. In addition, it is flexible and conformable, permitting coated or laminated fabrics with good drape and hand.

Another advantage is the prevention of particulate entry. Instead of sewing, ESF assembles garments by a proprietary electronic seaming technique that provides an effective barrier to seam penetration by particulate dust. With this technique, the seam is of the same composition as the material itself.

ESF makes protective coveralls, rain suits, and bag suits in both single-use and washable types.

The single-use garments are primarily intended for nuclear industry personnel who must work in contaminated areas. They consist of 1 mil of Hytrel on DuPont Sontara spunlaced fabric. The moisture-permeable elastomer is applied by extrusion coating at the rate of 34 g/|m.sup.2~.

The reusable garments are engineered for everyday use in hot, noncontaminated environments. Their structure is a three-layer lamination of Hytrel, a polyester copolymer substrate, and a knit fabric. They have antistatic and lint-free properties to meet requirements for Class 100 clean room applications. DuPont Co., N2414-3, 1007 Market St., Wilmington, DE 19898; (800) 441-0575. Circle 175. ESF Industries, 3956 Mogadore Industrial Pkwy., Mogadore, OH 44260-1223; (216) 628-9400; Fax (216) 628-4009. Circle 176.
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Title Annotation:PlastiConcepts; ESF Industries Inc.'s protective clothing for nuclear industry workers
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Date:Aug 1, 1993
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