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When rituals go wrong; mistakes, failure, and the dynamics of ritual.


When rituals go wrong; mistakes, failure, and the dynamics of ritual.

Husken, Ute.



377 pages



Numen book series; v.115


Sometimes its only a matter of the authorities showing up, but unfathomable forces could be unleashed into an unsuspecting world. The implications and effects of breaking ritual rules, of failed performances, and of the extinction of ritual systems are investigated from a range of disciplines, which alas are not identified. The topics include dealing with deviation in the performance of Masonic rituals, the 2004 Red Matsyendranatha incident in Lalitpur, the ritual side of serial killings and the conditions for fortunate failure, and new rituals among Taiwan's aborigines under the impact of religious conversion and competition between elites.

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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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