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When politics resembles panto; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION...

MALCOLM MORT'S letter ("Turnout signals another failure", You Say, November 22) raised some interesting points.

Although I agree with him that the low turnout is attributable to yet another dismal failure on behalf or the Con-Dem coalition for which David Cameron no doubt has excuses, it occurs to me that there is something else at work here.

In the last local elections we saw many people making a protest vote by voting against the Con-Dems.

The low turnout for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections may not merely be due to voter apathy but is more likely to be another form of protest by the electorate.

I gather that in addition to the low turnout there were also a high number of spoiled ballots.

The "No Cuts, No Freeze" letter on the Hardest Hit website that Malcolm referred to makes for interesting reading and also has a rather ironic title.

The mention that three-quarters of those disabled people who responded to the survey said they would require more social care support from their local council if their benefits were reduced means that the increased strain on local authorities' budgets, at a time when further savings are required, would need to be met with a corresponding increase in council tax.

This brings to mind a caricature of the Government as Dickens' Fagin holding out a shiny pound coin as a tax concession to the voters while its gang of pick-pocketing boys in the form of the local councils dip into people's back pockets and help themselves to a tenner. An idea for a Christmas panto perhaps? As mentioned, disabled people face 25% greater expenses than non-disabled. One pair of merino wool socks can cost PS15.

When disabled and elderly people face a reduction in their income, in an effort to avoid getting into debt, usually the first thing to go is their heating.

Those with arthritis and diabetes will suffer the effects of the cold far worse than a physically fit person.

I wonder if the "we're all in this together" politicians at Westminster would be willing to lead by example and as a gesture of good faith have the heating at the Palace of Westminster turned off for the duration of the winter? | Chhimed Wangpo Llanrumney, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 30, 2012
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