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When not(!) to get married.

When not(!) to get married !-- -- Summer sun and beautiful weather are some of the main reasons why couples have traditionally and historically chosen June as the merry month to wed. This belief stems back from ancient Roman days when June was ruled by Juno, the god of marriage.

A bride searching a date for her wedding will surely come across superstitions, which favor June ("Married in month of roses June life will be one long honeymoon.").

But the question begs to be asked, "When is it NOT a good time to be married?" Well, if wedding folklore is to be believed, July is definitely not the month ("Married in July, with flowers ablaze, bitter-sweet mem'ries in after days.").

But may I add to that as I write this, definitely not NOW due to a celestial movement of a planet going backward in space. The planet of Mercury is at present doing its backward boogie-woogie of three weeks as it goes into retrograde motion (July 7 to 31, 2019).

This backward motion happens four times a year. The planet moves in opposite direction to the earth, goes slower and gives the illusion that it is moving backward.

What's this got to do with weddings? Well, according to my study of astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules communications, travel and even agreements like contracts. During this three-week period, the planet's energies affect human behavior in some way.

Through my experience of 35 years of studying and intuiting astrology and reading soul destiny directions from natal charts of my clients, I have come to the wisdom that to harmoniously flow in balance is to learn to use the planetarial energies properly. I have gone up to challenge the energies for my own personal life and understanding.

I study myself and people around me and many decades back have come to a clear conclusion: retrograde Mercury does affect human behavior in some way. In essence, the retrograde motion of Mercury results in events and actions that become rather "unstable," bringing consequences of difficulty in communicating and getting your messages across.

When people come to me for readings and ask for dates for weddings, I normally ready their charts to see the best harmonies before choosing potential dates. The first dates I skip are when Mercury is retrograding.

I personally would not advise people to sign contracts or get married due to the fact that there seems to be a backward pull on everything. There are also many others who say they cannot change the wedding date anymore and go get married.

I have, through the decades, watched and mentally noted these dates and couples. And unfortunately, through the years, I have watched so many of them separate or divorce.

Others come to me in the midst of separations and I (quietly), on the side, do a double check on the date of their wedding days, and lo and behold for the majority, Mercury was retrograded. When too much coincidences happen, patterns arise.

Weddings (or any event) during Mercury retrogrades will have the following themes: schedules are not followed, logistical issues arise, transportation problems bring delays, miscommunications happen and technical glitches with equipment are experienced, crowd control is almost impossible and nerves get frazzled. So what to do? Forewarned is forearmed.

If planning your wedding date, please just steer clear of the dates of Mercury retrograde. You can find the exact dates online just by googling.

Then steer clear. The period of the retrograde is best used for re-thinking, re-evaluating, reviewing, resting or meeting up with people from your past.

Or picking up an old project you may have started but haven't finished.
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Publication:Philippines Star (Manila, Philippines)
Date:Jul 27, 2019
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