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When it rains.

When it rains it seems the room itself turns blue, trembles and falls like rain, as if endless time coming from nowhere fills the room, as if endless wind blowing in carries the room to the riverbank; turning into a boat, I float I get soaked; swaying, shivering, I keep moving; in the distance one can see the line where the river meets the sea, as if all around waves hiss, as if there's nobody around anywhere as if a profound sobbing chokes the throat as if terrifying harsh sobs strangle the room -- By what strange magic the ten directions sparkle in a moment, as if everything will revert to its real shape, as if all is a dance, all is rhythm, all is tinted light -- Awakening and seeing the rain, sometimes it's like this, then I pray Oh sky break up the room and give me more rain! 15 June 1966 Calcutta
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Title Annotation:Three Bengali Women Poets; poem
Author:Dev Sen, Nabaneeta; Ray, Sunil B.; Dev Sen, Nandana; Wright, Carolyne
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Jul 1, 1993
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