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When it comes to fat cats, one takes the cake.

When it comes to fat cats, one takes the cake. Or the lasagna, in this case. Everyone, of course, knows Garfield, brainchild of creator Jim Davis. Today, the fractious feline appears in over 2,600 newspapers, translated into 26 languages with 220 million daily readers.

As a child, Jim Davis suffered from asthma and was confined indoors. Encouraged by his mother to stay busy with pencil and paper, he caught the cartooning bug. The young artist eventually accepted the position of cartoon assistant on "Tumbleweeds," the comic strip of Tom Ryan.

Noticing a shortage of cat cartoons, Davis--a cat lover in what he believed was a world full of fellow cat lovers--put pen to paper and gave birth to Garfield, which began syndication on June 19, 1978, in 41 newspapers.

While Garfield's interests are purrfectly limited to eating and sleeping, the talented and busy Davis is also an avid environmentalist, active in reforestation programs, campaigns for wetlands restoration, and schoolyard wildlife habitation.

The Davis household boasts a dog, but no cats. Right now, Davis says Garfield is enough.
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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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