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When it's OK to be Trapped.

The US Air Force, Department of Energy, US Special Operations Command and other international military entities have tested the Trap (Telepresent Rapid Aiming Platform) from Precision Remotes. The Trap is a series of tripod platforms onto which one can mount a variety of small calibre and non-lethal weapons, surveillance lenses and sensors. The Trap is then placed in the line of fire -- the operator retreating to a safe location under cover -- then is operated remotely, the user viewing images through the rifle scope and the overview camera and, if necessary, remotely firing the system. Trap system applications range from border patrol and facility security, remote observation and guard post duty to hostage rescue, remote ordnance disposal and military peacekeeping. The US Air Force has reported on and published its Trap tests at: Currently, there are four Trap technologies available: the Trap T-2 (which mounts up to 7.62 calibre and is for dismounted use), the Trap T-2 50 (up to .50 calibre for mounted/dismounted use), the Trap T-2 FS (wall or tower-mounted) and the Trap -- 02 (used for remote observation only).

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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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