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When is a brigadier-general just a brigadier?

I READ THE INTERVIEW with Chaplain General The Venerable John Fletcher by Laurel Sallie in Volume 20. Issue 9 The opening paragraph of the article refers to John Fletcher as a "Brigadier" while the caption for the photograph on the same page refers to him as a "Brigadier-General."

This reminded me that I had previously read an article (written, I believe. by Les Peate) in an earlier issue indicating that many of the Army's enlisted ranks are reverting to the older, historical variants (e.g., sapper, trooper, or gunner instead of private). As well, I believe that the pips and crowns are coming back.

In keeping with this return to the old nomenclature, is the Army planning to re-title brigadier-general as a brigadier as they had for centuries prior to unification?

Capt. (ret'd) Steve Mintz, CD,

Editor's note: You are correct. The Venerable John Fletcher holds the rank of brigadier-general and the position of Chaplain General of the Canadian Armed Forces.

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Author:Mintz, Steve
Publication:Esprit de Corps
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 1, 2014
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