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When ignoring him doesn't work.

If ignoring your begging dog is impossible, try these tips to prevent his behavior:

* Feed him before you eat.

* Re-direct his attention to a favorite toy or a puzzle toy that rewards him for his effort.

* Provide a food-based or food-dispensing distraction to slow his eating and help satiate hunger, "If he's really annoying, give him a quarter of his daily kibble in a food-dispensing toy, or hide the kibble so he has to work to find it," advises animal behaviorist Dr. Katherine Houpt. She also suggests freezing kibble in broth or making a frozen popcorn cheese ball. "Use delaying tactics so he eats the same amount of food but it takes him longer," she says, especially if he's overweight.

* Put your dog in a crate or another room.

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