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When caring is not sharing: keeping friendships healthy.

Personal Experience: "Buy Me a New One", Said I Give AND take: A story of friendships gone awry: Over-sharing is not caring but corrupting the nature of a friendship. Be mindful of exploitation and one-sidedness in any friendship, advises Zeid.

"In this post I want to share a personal experience with some friends in my childhood. For some period of time in my childhood I had the problem of not being able to say "No!". And the friends that I had at the time took advantage of that as far as they could. "

The T-Mobile Royal Wedding More wedding coverage options? Hasn't it already been covered quite comprehensively from all angles and all nations? It's good to know the options.

"This is a really cool viral video by T-Mobile, it got more than 17 million views on Youtube in just 2 weeks

The video was launched 2 weeks before Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, it was a historic occasion, TV audience from around the world was estimated at 2 billion people, that is quite extraordinary, it was great to see how Brits are out on the streets and in the park to celebrate this occasion, congrats!"

Mustalahatek: Arabic User Generated Dictionary for Technical Terms A great tool for English speaking Arabs and Arab speaking Arabs who need to keep up with rapidly sprouting technical lingo.

"Almost every day there is a new technical term in english, Mustalahatek aims to be the place to provide translations to those terms into Arabic."

So Freakin' Hard! The frustration with that gap between languages that requires a cultural leap in understanding to completely conquer the language, and in both directions- say Arabic- to-English, English-to-Arabic. A translator must be able to work effectively at least in one direction and ideally in both.

"Translating Arabic to Spanish is just frustrating for me not because I can't do it,I can...but there's this thing with the difference between speaking a language and dominating it,I speak Spanish but I don't dominate it,I can't play with words and expressions,I can't come up with stronger vocabulary even when I know stronger vocabs they don't occur to me easily,I don't seem to have the enough confidence to manage the sentence the way I want,so it turns out just week because I'd rather get it simple and right than strong with mistakes :("

Signs of the times A bag of nuts that may contain nuts? You'd jolly well hope so! This and more such nonsensical notices.

"Here's some signage I stumbled across in the UK which caught my attention.

The first isn't unique to the UK of course, the stupidity is world-wide."

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Date:May 1, 2011
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