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When belladonna lilies bulge from the ground, it's time to divide.

Take a close look at photograph number 4. Les Hannibal of Fair Oaks, California, has just divided a clump of belladonna lilies (Amaryllis belladonna, also sold as Brunsvigia rosea) in full bloom, and that timing might surprise even experienced gardeners.

With nearly all other bulbs, you wait until winter to lift and separate plants. But Amaryllis belladonna is dormant in summer. You divide these plants between the time leaves die back completely (about June) and immediately after bloom (August or early September). If you divide them after leaves start growing, they may not bloom again for several years.

Long-lived belladonna lilies need dividing only every 10 years or so. Plants are ready to divide when bulbs begin to push out of the ground. Replant separated plants in full sun or half shade in well-drained soil. Put bulbs in a spot with as little summer water as possible--too much and they'll rot. (See page 82 of the July 1984 Sunset for more amaryllis information.)

In October or November, belladonna lilies form strap-like leaves in clumps 2 to 3 feet across. As soon as foliage appears, feed plants with a complete fertilizer, water if winter rains are late or light.
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Date:Jul 1, 1985
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