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When To Seek The Help Of A Neurologist In Arizona.

[USPRwire, Tue Jun 13 2017] Everybody gets sick in one form or the other during their lifetime. The care with which you treat yourself depends on the severity of discomfort caused by it. To receive the best care, you should talk to your primary doctor to learn about the intensity of the ailment. Depending on the specific ailment, your doctor may suggest you talk to a neurologist in Arizona if the medications and treatment you are currently using are not working.

Neurologists in Glendale at the Arizona Neurology Associates specialize in treating problems associated with the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and the involuntary nervous system that controls the heart, lungs and other organs. The top neurologist in AZ treat ailments regarding epilepsy, severe headaches, strokes, slipped discs, movement disorders and other ailments.

Your problem may or may not be connected with neurological disorders. It is always in your best interest to talk to your primary caregiver and decide what is best for you. It is often noticed that the problems related to the brain or spinal cord may arise due to many reasons. Neurologists in Glendale suggest that problems may arise due to:

- Old age

- Hereditary problems

- Severe depression and stress

- Lifestyle and improper diet.

A slight headache or fever every now and then is normal. But when you consistently suffer from headaches or fever, there is something wrong deep down.

Since the brain is the central part of the human body, it is not in your best interest to overlook even the slightest problem associated with it. Any problem with the nerves is directly connected to the brain. It is best to see a neurologist in Arizona as soon as possible if you suffer from any of the symptoms listed below:

- A severe headache accompanied by vomiting

Headaches are very common; everyone suffers from them every now and then. But a severe headache that stays for a prolonged period and is accompanied by vomiting and dizziness is a sign of a migraine.

A neurologist is often consulted in cases that involve migraine problems. Neurologists in Glendale suggest that a migraine is not associated with a sequence of a headache, but often recognized with their pattern and intensity.

- Insomnia

If your sleep cycle is unstable, then you are likely suffering from stress. That can cause serious problems to your health. It is advisable to sleep at least eight hours a day. If you are not able to get the right amount of sleep, then you should talk to a neurologist in Arizona.

- Dizziness and numbness

There can be a tingling feeling or numbness in any part of your body. This can be a serious sign that arises due to lack of proper blood circulation. A neurologist in Arizona can help relieve you of dizziness and numbness.

- Memory issues

Sudden episodes of memory loss can point to something serious. If you are suffering from memory loss, then you should talk to one of the top neurologist in AZ.

- Blurry vision

Sudden blurry vision is also connected with neurological science. It could be a sign of a stroke. A top neurologist in AZ can help you recover from a stroke

- Sudden and acute loss of hearing

Many reasons can result in loss of hearing. It can be caused by a simple infection or fluid retention, or something as serious as a tumor. It can also lead to complete deafness if not treated quickly. A neurologist in Arizona can diagnose the problem that is causing you to lose hearing.

- Intense and shock like pain

An intense shooting pain that arises out of nowhere around your facial area can be caused by neurological problems.

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms you should talk to a top neurologist in AZ. Many neurologists in Glendale will be able to suggest proper treatment for your ailments. They will be able to recognize your problem and provide you with appropriate treatment. Call one of the neurologists in Glendale as soon as possible after you suffer from migraine symptoms.

If you are looking for neurological treatment in Arizona, visit Arizona Neurology Associates. Our doctors Andrew Gorman DO, Atul Syal MD, Jason Reinhart DO, Dr.Jatin Shah MD hold prestigious positions in top hospitals and health networks over 20 years. We diagnose and treat any type of neurological disorders. For more details, please call 623-377-7410 or visit our


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