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When The Road Turns: Inspirational Stories By And About People With MS. (Books).

This book offers a journey in words through MS. The road is life. The hills are MS. Bumps are setbacks. Potholes are life changes. Exits offer fuel for the journey. Service stations advertise tools for coping. Maps show detours and construction. Billboards offer words of hope. The destination is peace.

Travel through this book with your sights aimed toward what MS has done for the 17 contributors. Their life lessons have cleared the way for you to benefit from their experiences.

Lisa Desautels describes her MS as "an unexpected gift that you cannot return and you must put to good use." With realistic humor, Dean Kramer brings canes and wheelchairs to life, reluctantly admitting the vital role they play on her MS "team."

I would like to have found more humor in this book. And where was "Mrs. Average Person" among all of these high achievers? She's the one who donates some of her precious energy to the PTA and raises her children to be the citizens of tomorrow. She's "the stuff of which life is made."

Margot Russell's book can be a guide toward accepting the baggage MS has packed for you. The contributors' destinations were mountaintops and the ocean floor. More likely, your own peace is found somewhere in between, in ordinary places, following your road to the destination that is unique to you.

"To learn what's down the road, ask those who are coming back."

Health Communications, Inc., 2001, 272 pp., $12.95. <>.

Reviewed by Linda Irwin, a freelance writer and contributor to MS publications. She recently wrote "About Mavis and Me" for InsideMS.
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Author:Irwin, Linda
Publication:Inside MS
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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