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When Is Final Fantasy XV Being Released For Xbox One, PS4 And PC?

Director Hajime Tabata confirmed in August that Final Fantasy XV has been delayed. Final Fantasy XV was previously announced for September 30th but got delayed until November 29th.

"Our objective with Final Fantasy XV was to deliver a Final Fantasy of the highest possible quality to every single person who buys the game," Tabata says in a video message. "We have completed the master version, but when it comes to that highest possible quality, we felt that we had not quite reached this standard yet."

Square Enix has been working on adding additional content to the master version, but decided to push back the release of the game so that people who play the disc version without connecting their consoles online can still have the same gaming experience.

Final Fantasy XV will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29th.

Final Fantasy XV: Watch the first 45 minutes of Final Fantasy XV gameplay

Thanks to Gamespot, you can now watch the first 45 minutes of Final Fantasy XV. The game starts in the desert of Leide. You'll first meet up with Cindy at the Hammer Head gas station, before going on a journey to battle monsters and go on quests. The gameplay also highlights banter between Noctis and his pals, while there are some driving sequences on display. You can also see some of the game's maps and listen to some of its music.

Final Fantasy XV: Final Fantasy XV will have Moogles

Final Fantasy XV will have Moogles, Square Enix confirmed. A Moogle is a "lucky item" that appears in Final Fantasy XV. As explained on the site, "Take Moogle dolls and goods as your lucky charm to help avoid all kinds of troubles. Maybe Moogle will help out when Noctis and his friends are in a tight spot," Square Enix said. You can go to the Final Fantasy XV Moogle website to learn more.

Final Fantasy XV trailer shows off "Death Magic" and new enemy

Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV earlier this month that highlights a new spell called "Death Magic." Explained in the video's description, this spell is performed by using the Ring of the Lucii.

"Death drains the HP of enemies. The longer you use the spell, the more your enemy will physically deteriorate," Square Enix said.

In the video, you'll see the player using the Death spell on enemies- and is useful when performed the right way. The trailer also introduces a new enemy, the Bandersnatch. This creature will do everything it can to bring you down. 

Final Fantasy XV: Final Fantasy XV will support HDR on Xbox One S

When Square Enix's long-awaited RPG Final Fantasy XV comes out in November it will support HDR on Xbox One S. Final Fantasy XV was already confirmed to support HDR on Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, but this was announced in September.

Final Fantasy XV: Pre-order Final Fantasy XV

The Deluxe Edition contains all Day One Edition content plus an exclusive two-disc steelbook including both FINAL FANTASY XV and the KINGSGLAIVE Blu-ray. Also includes an exclusive car recolor DLC and the Royal Raiment costume DLC from KINGSGLAIVE.

Pre-order the Day One Edition to receive the exclusive FINAL FANTASY series weapon - the Masamune. The legendary sword Masamune is back, specially redesigned for FINAL FANTASY XV. Add it to your arsenal and cut your enemies down to size.

The Ultimate Collector's Edition, available in extremely limited quantities, is for the ultimate FINAL FANTASY fan. Only 30,000 units will be created worldwide.

Available exclusively from the Square Enix Online Store, the Ultimate Collector's Edition includes all Deluxe Edition content plus an additional exclusive two-disc steelbook containing the official Blu-ray Disc Music (featuring music from FINAL FANTASY XV, KINGSGLAIVE and BROTHERHOOD) and the BROTHERHOOD Blu-ray (containing an additional bonus scene). Also includes a PLAY ARTS -KAI- Noctis action figure with Ultimate Edition-exclusive weapon.

The Final Fantasy XV-themed PlayStation 4 slim console is coming to the US, Canada and Japan

Sony also confirmed the Final Fantasy XV-themed PlayStation 4 slim console is coming to the United States, Canada and Japan. The console will be sold exclusively at GameStop for $450 USD/$550 CAD.

Final Fantasy XV won't be coming to PC 

Director Hajime Tabata has stressed that there are no plans to release a PC platform for Final Fantasy XV. Though gamers believe Final Fantasy XV shouldn't be limited to PlayStation and Xbox One, Tabata admits nothing will lead to PC.

Final Fantasy XV: Watch the official Final Fantasy XV trailer
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