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When Is 'My 600-Lb Life' On?

There is a little less than a week left until "My 600-Lb Life" Season 6 premieres, but that doesn't mean fans can't get their fix while they wait for the popular TLC series to air. The network will be running several episodes from previous seasons both ahead and after the reality show returns, as well as a new special.

When "My 600-Lb Life" Season 6, episode 1 premieres on Wednesday, Jan. 10 at 8 p.m. EST, it will feature a couple, Rena and Lee, who are attempting to better themselves and save their romance.

"After meeting and falling in love at a bariatric rehab center, Lee and Rena are battling health and anger issues while taking a desperate, second attempt to save their relationship and their lives," the synopsis says.

The network is expected to air 14 two-hour episodes in the upcoming season, featuring the emotional and physical journey of morbidly obese people who are trying to save their lives by undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

However, in order to be eligible for the procedure, the individuals must lose weight and follow a strict diet plan given to them by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, which proves to be a difficult task for most patients.

Check out the TV schedule for ( "My 600-LB Life" on TLC below:

Jan. 4

2 p.m.- Erica's Story (Season 5, Episode 6)

7 p.m.- Angel's Story (Season 3, Episode 5)

8 p.m. Supersized: Steven & Justin Assanti *New Special*

Jan. 5

2:01 a.m.- Angel's Story

Jan. 8

2 p.m.- Gideon's Story (Season 4, Episode 6)

3 p.m.- June's Story (Season 4, Episode 4)

7 p.m.- Ashley D.'s Story (Season 4, Episode 7)

8 p.m.- Teretha's Story (Season 4, Episode 8)

9 p.m.- Cynthia's Story(Season 5, Episode 3)

11 p.m.- Teretha's Story

Jan. 9

12 a.m.- Cynthia's Story

2 a.m.- Ashley D.'s Story

2 p.m.- Tracey's Story (Season 5, Episode 12)

Jan. 10

9 a.m.- Brittani's Story (Season 4, Episode 2)

10 a.m.- Steven & Justin Assanti

12 p.m.- Tanisha's Story (Season 5, Episode 10)

2 p.m.- Kirsten's Story (Season 5, Episode 4)

4 p.m.- Doug's Story (Season 5, Episode 5)

6 p.m.- My 600-lb Life: Countdown to the New Season

8 p.m.- Rena & Lee's Story (Season 6, Episode 1), Part 1

11:05 p.m.- Rena & Lee's Story

Jan 11

2:05 a.m- Olivia's Story (Season 2, Episode 2)

2 p.m.- Michael's Story (Season 5, Episode 8)

7 p.m.- Laura's Story (Season 3, Episode 7)

Jan. 18

8 p.m.- Rena & Lee's Story (Season 6, Episode 1), Part 2

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