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When I was in my 20s I cared about being skinny.. now I'm about being strong; TV's Amanda on health guru role.


AMANDA Byram has revealed she used to beat herself up about her weight despite being a top television presenter and model.

The 42-year-old beauty said: "When I was in my 20s I think I cared more about being skinny rather than healthy, now I am all about being strong.

"I was so body-conscious when I was younger. We all are.

"In my 20s when I was modelling I went on every diet under the sun and I would beat myself up about my weight.

"I felt I wasn't this enough or that enough, pretty enough or I needed whiter teeth."

Two decades later and with the wisdom of hindsight she now helps young girls who are uncomfortable in their own skin, through her new venture Byrambod.

With her website and regular tweets Amanda urges women to feel empowered about their body image, directly communicating with girls who have hang-ups.

Amanda inspires by sharing her health, beauty and nutrition tips on what keeps her in tip-top shape.

The beauty, who is best known for presenting BBC1 game show Total Wipeout alongside Richard Hammond, has found body confidence in her 40s.

She said: "When I turned 41 I posed naked for Women's Health Magazine, so being strong and healthy is not something you can only be when you are younger."

Strong is the new skinny with celebs around the globe who are opting for a healthier lifestyle and cutting toxins from the body seems to be a trend which is catching.

Amanda revealed: "I stopped drinking caffeine and alcohol. I know cutting out alcohol is not the done thing for an Irish person but I feel so much better because of it.

"I've learnt through research that it's down to miseducation. It might sound very worthy but through Byrambod I want to inspire women to understand we should strive to be healthy and not skinny."

Amanda said helping others was life-changing for her.

She added: "I was dealing with a lovely 23-year-old girl who started to direct message me. She was anorexic and really ill and struggling with her body image.

"It was life-changing giving her advice, helping her to seek therapy and get herself back to fighting fit.

"It was amazing to have such an impact on a young girl.

"She's in a much better place now and it's inspiring.

"If I can stop young people going through the crap I went through then I feel I am giving back in a way.

"The bottom line is there are naturally slim women and if that's your natural shape so be it.

"What I am trying to prevent is women who are so desperate to make themselves skinny they make themselves sick."

Amanda lives in London but will return to Ireland to host The Pride of Ireland Awards on May 19.

Strong and healthy's not something you can only be when you are younger AMANDA BYRAM on her healthier lifestyle


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 14, 2015
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