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When Harry met Molly .. he hated her.

Supermarket ad kid Harry had a very public bust-up with his new leading lady Molly yesterday - sending PR men off their trolleys.

Organisers of a photo-shoot for the pair - part of a pounds 10million "When Harry met Molly" campaign - were left red- faced by the imp's tantrum. Long-faced Harry:

Covered his eyes and turned his back on Molly.

Screwed up his angelic face and wandered off when she tried to tickle him with a feather.

Snubbed his co-star as she attempted to make friends.

Embarrassed minders then plonked the reluctant "romantics" into a shopping trolley where miserable Harry stared into the distance. A telly ad for Safeway starring the kids had already been filmed and will be shown for the first time tomorrow night.

Viewers will see Harry, voiced by Men Behaving Badly star Martin Clunes, chatting up Molly in a supermarket creche.

Harry is played by Jack Hanford, four, of Stockport, Cheshire, and Molly by two- year-old Rosie Purkiss-McEndoo.

Store bosses were quick to claim the spat was a one-off and the pair usually get on fine.

But the smooth-talking PR experts were left remembering one half of an old saying: "Never work with animals or children."
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Author:Wallace, Richard
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 14, 1996
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