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When God Breaks In--Secrets to a Lifestyle of Tangible Encounters with God.

When God Breaks In--Secrets to a Lifestyle of Tangible Encounters with God

Ben Hughes

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc.

9780768450408, $16.99, 194 pages

Spiritual Breakthrough, God Encounters, Refreshing Revival Stories

"When God Breaks In" is a compilation of stories and testimonies of miracles, wonders, and incredible moments with God. These accounts are destined to bring a quickening of the spirit of the reader, bringing hope, healing, and freedom into lives across the world.

Ben Hughes imparts a spiritual hunger in the reader to meet God in new ways as he relates the story of his spiritual journey. Ben's story is a living example of experiencing a life-style of tangible break-through encounters with God.

These stories are relevant to today's Christian desirous of encountering God, at a deeper level, to know Him more intimately. As Ben guides you through these stories, expect to experience a profound life-changing fresh awareness of God's presence.

The following features provided me with extra insights leading to a personal application:

Encounter Moments--specific variations of prayers for break-through

Chapter End-Notes--which provide resources for future reading or study

Throughout each chapter of the book, I experienced God's power, love, and presence. I learned that God manifests Himself to us, in us, and through us. I met Him as the God of the "suddenly the unexpected--and the God of surprise. I was challenged to seek Him diligently and to embrace Him and to recognize His passion.

Chapter after chapter Ben describes God's definitive guidance, supernatural spiritual encounters, and over 20 years of spirit empowered ministry.

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Author:Blake, Richard R.
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Date:Dec 1, 2019
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