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When Estrogen Helps You Remember.

There's been a controversy over whether or not estrogen replacement therapy protects against age-related memory loss. Some say it does, others say it doesn't. The answer may lie in your genes. If you have APOE genotype e2 or e3, estrogen may be helpful. But if you have APOE genotype e4, estrogen doesn't seem to work on the brain.

Kristine Yaffee, the primary author of this study, published in Neurology (2000;54:1948-53), doesn't suggest that women go out and have their APOE genotype tested just yet. What she does suggest is that we wait for more information before jumping on the estrogen-for-memory bandwagon. We also need to know why some women didn't receive any benefit from the estrogen.

Larkin, Marilyn. "APOE e4 foils oestrogen's effects on cognitive decline," Lancet, May 27, 2000.
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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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