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When Christ Meets Christ: Homilies on the Just Word.

I bumped into Paulist evangelist Jack Collins in front of a Broadway cafe in Manhattan, and he began a tale about Jesuit Fr. Walter J. Burghardt's phenomenal breadth of knowledge and experience that is put at the service of the church whenever the master preacher addresses an assembly.

Coincidentally, I came home to discover the faithful-as-a-big-brown-dog UPS truck had been by, dropping off Burghardt's latest, When Christ Meets Christ: Homilies on the Just Word (Paulist, 241 pages, $14.95). Preachers who rarely hear anyone else preach should settle in for an evening with this volume, as might anyone who wants to grow either in holiness or technique.
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Author:Graham, William C.
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 16, 1993
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