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When Angry Shadows are Heard.

When Angry Shadows are Heard

Cairo Styles

Privately Published

PO Box 381644, Duncanville, TX 75138

0977437000 $15.00

When Angry Shadows are Heard is a thrilling novel about the seamy side of urban life, the brutal power plays between a crooked defense attorney and a notorious gangster, and betrayed prostitute caught in the center of it all. The beautiful but hapless Charlene, deceived into a life of prostitution by the man she loved, is falsely accused of stealing from a ruthless crime lord. In her desperate struggle to finger the true thief and protect herself from the machinations of a criminal empire, she meets Colt, a retired street hustler with the latest information on everybody and everything. A thrilling debut novel and the first of a two-part series set in the seamy urban heart of South Dallas, When Angry Shadows are Heard is a gritty, street-soaked tale of desperation, shattered dreams, impossible to put down.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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