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Wheelers in the prizes; BBC presenter Tanya rewards club headline-makers.

BBC Look North sports presenter Tanya Arnold handed out awards at Holme Valley Wheeler's annual dinner at The Old Bridge, Holmfirth.

After being welcomed by Samantha Mannion, she entertained with tales of her life as a roving sports commentator.

Christine Tiffany, club secretary, began the awards ceremony and Rachael Mellor proposed thanks on behalf of prize-winners Club Record: Richard Hey, Steve Robinson, Rachael Mellor; team: Rachael Mellor, Samantha Mannion and Trish Griffin.

Men's 10-mile time trial series: 1 SteveRimmer 104pts, 2AndrewKerry 98, 3 Steve Robinson 97, 5 Garry Terry 71, 7 Mike Cole 52.

Ladies 10-mile time trial series: 1 Samatha Mannion 119, 2 Rachael Mellor 90, 3 Trish Griffin 33.

Juvenile 10-mile time trial series: 1 Jack Beardsell 90, 2 Ben Kellett 20, 3 Athena Mellor 14.

Trish Griffin (3rd Ladies 10-mile championships) 18.676mph; James Kellett (3rd Youth five-mile championship) 53.19; Steve Rimmer (2nd 10-mile Championship 23.841mph, 3rd Club Hillclimb 2m 55sec, 3rd 25-mile Championship 25.399mph and 3rd Early season 25 1.00.5. Samantha Mannion (2nd Ladies BAR 22.922mph and 2nd Ladies 10 mile Championship 20.556mph); Carl Saint (fastest time men's 10 23.00); Chris Sharp (fastest time in club hillclimb 2.24); Richard Hey (1st early season 25 57.36, 1st 25 mile championship 26.422mph); Athena Mellor (4th Youth 5-mile championships 54.03, 2nd Juvenile BAR 21.264mph, fastest Juvenile girl 10 mile TT 27.59); Jack Beardsel l (3rd Juvenile BAR 19.492mph, 2nd Juvenile 5mile Champs 50.13, Juvenile 10mile champion 19.492 mph). Steve Robinson (1st 10mile Championship 25.113mph, 2nd Early 25 Champs 58.23, 2nd 25 mile TT Championship 26.034 mph); Jacob Scott (Youth 5 mile Champion 49.09); Ben Kellett (2nd Club Hillclimb 2.53, Fastest Juvenile 10 Sov Under 15 WY Champ 27, Road Race Champion); Rachael Mellor (1st Middle Markers Bar 23.313mph, 1st Vets BAR plus 1.25.17, Fastest 100mile TT 4.28.42, Fastest Ladies 10 Sov 27.17, Ladies 10 mile Champion 21.827mph and Ladies BAR Champion 24.700mph).


WELL DONE: Receiving their awards from Tanya at the Old Bridge Hotel are Richard Hey (left) and Stephen Robinson (zzhwe081208wheel3); WINNERS: Richard Haigh and (below) Amira Mellor and Chris Sharp receive their awards (zzhwe081208wheel); IT'S FOR YOU: Tanya Arnold and Trish Griffin All pictures courtesy:
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Dec 13, 2008
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