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Wheelchair rap by Tory.

Byline: Nigel Nelson

A TORY MP was blasted as callous after attacking the amount Whitehall spends on disabled staff.

Matthew Hancock hit out at the Department of Work and Pensions for paying up to pounds 6,300 to give motorised wheelchairs to workers.

He said: "Of course they should look after employees with mobility problems. But the amount shows a total disregard for taxpayers' money while the UK was struggling through the worst recession in 70 years."

Labour's disability spokesman Lord Jim Knight said: "This is the old callous Tory Party. They don't care enough about disabled people to give them the assistance they need to work." And Labour MP John Mann said: "We should be encouraging employment for disabled people. You can't get the benefits bill down if they can't work."


CRITIC: Matthew Hancock
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 12, 2010
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