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Wheelchair as coat rack? Not!


Dear Chick in the Chair,

At a recent school concert for my daughter, my husband and I were comfortably seated with friends in the back row. As the program began, I became aware of tugging on the back of my wheelchair. A woman had arrived late with her two unruly children and proceeded to hang all of their belongings on my chair's handles, as if I were a coat rack. When I turned around to see who had invaded my space, I was met with, "You don't mind, do you?" I was so taken aback by this woman's thoughtlessness; I didn't know how to respond. What should I have done?

Speechless in Buffalo

Dear Speechless,

The easiest reply would have been, "Yes, I most certainly do mind." Then you could have directed her to the coat room. Or, better, you could have pointed out any of the parents standing along the wall, and suggested that she hang all of her belongings on one of them. Since this was a school function, it has been Chick's experience that you will no doubt come into contact with this woman again in the future. Please do Chick a favor. Offer to hold all of her belongings, and then keep them!

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Date:Dec 22, 2010
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