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Wheel magic '93.

When the new cars hit the pavement the streets buzz

WHEN THE WORLD'S AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS unveil the marvels of their creative minds, talk turns to cars -- form, power, function -- and new beginnings. Driving is a necessity, but with the open spaces flying by, it becomes one of mankind's great passions.

* Manitoba Business presents some of the best luxury cars for 1993, and salutes the local dealerships who bring the best to the West and provide sales and service excellence to their customers.


This is a personal luxury sedan full of sinayaka, which means "strong but flexible." It has the 210-horsepower V6 from the 300ZX sportscar, four-wheel independent suspension, ABS and airbags. The equipment list is long on quality and quantity, featuring leather and wood, and attention to detail.


When you check the features list on this large V-8 powered sedan you notice a sea of standard features including traction. There's lots of power, since the Nissan engineers didn't spare the horses (278 at 6,000 rpm) or the torques (292 at 4,000 rpm) when they built the Q-45.


To make this entry-level upscale sedan more entry-level, Nissan has a slightly decontented model for 1993 to go with the higher contented trim. The top trim's option list is kept to such things as an over-drive system, a rear body spoiler and fog lamps. As always, Infiniti is at the top of nearly every quality survey.


This company is still setting the classic standard of luxury. Among many improvements in 1993, W-124 Series will include cellular telephone armrest, passenger side airbag (including 400 E and 500 E) and electrically adjustable right and left outside rear mirrors. An enhanced anti-theft system will disable the starter motor when the alarm is sounded -- electrically adjustable seats, automatic dimming rearview mirror and slip control round it out.


This is a new automobile from Mazda engineering -- positioned as the company's flagship luxury sedan. The new generation 929 is more than transportation; it will be driven with passion. The long wheel-base smooths out the road but handles well. Its styling is that of a sophisticated European sedan. Air bags are standard. The 929 Serenia features a 3.01 V6, four-speed AT, rear-wheel drive, solar-powered sunroof, anti-lock brakes, fuzzy logic cruise control and vertebrae-smart seat design.


Redesigned last year to wide applause, this sedan gets an optional new powertrain. The STS (Seville Touring Sedan), now comes with the 4.6 litre Northstar V8, an all-new four-speed electronic transmission, and a road-sensing suspension. The speed-sensitive steering changes provide easier handling at low speeds and better handling at high speeds.


The latest version of Lincoln's personal luxury coupe has a considerably more aerodynamic look for 1993, as well as a 4.6-litre, 32-valve Four Cam V8. It will produce 280 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 285 ft. lb. of torque at 4,500 rpm. It's based on the 4.6-litre engine that runs the bigger Town Car.


Road and Track devoted its entire issue to Subaru's flagship car last year winning a basketful of awards, and 1993 promises more of the same fine Japanese engineering. Traction is expressed by concentration of body mass behind the door cut. All-wheel drive powered by a 3.3 litre flat six engine, it has punch with 0 to 60 in 7.3 seconds flexed by a four-speed automatic transmission and an electronically controlled multi-plate transfer clutch.


The flagship 3800's V-6 delivers more torque than before so acceleration and fuel economy are improved. The wheels get new covers and there's an improved vanity mirror. The top-end 'touring sedan' features a returned suspension. It also has its exterior markings changed from gray to high-gloss black and part of the grille and headlamps are body-colored.


Not much could be added to the features of this traditional luxury sedan, but there is a little more power. Standard features include the upscale warranty called the Crystal Key Owner Car Program. Options run primarily to improved versions of standard items and include remote keyless entry, digital displays, and a two-position memory for the driver's seat and outside mirrors.


The entry level line gets a 2-litre in-line six engine in both body styles to be called the 320. It joins the 1.8-litre four and the 2.5-litre six. For performance enthusiasts.


Powered by a V-8, the Lexus is one of the most powerful sedans in North America. It's equipped with a series of "crumple zones" which give progressively upon impact. Driver's airbag is standard with a gold-plated activator that avoids corrosion. Anti-lock brakes and new computerized traction control which limits wheel spin are exclusive to this Toyota product.


Named the "best overall American car value" in an independent test program last year, this front-drive line gets various technical-mechanical-cosmetic changes for 1993. The 3800 V-6 gets extra power -- an automatic ride control is optional. New colors and steering wheels are among the cosmetic changes for this model.


Ramsay Huska, a traffic safety officer with the Manitoba Safety Council offers good driving advice for you in your new car. Huska says patience, a positive attitude and attentiveness are hallmarks of a good driver. Patience and a positive attitude toward bad drivers can keep you on an even keel. Drive defensively, lay off the horn and above all pay attention to the road. Huska says 40 per cent of all accidents are rear-enders at controlled intersections caused by inattentiveness. Happy motoring.
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