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Wheel loader meets Tier 4 Interim regs.

The Tier 4 Interim-complant Doosan DL450 wheel loader has numerous performance, comfort and reliability enhancements. The horsepower has been increased to 354 with a 6-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine that has been optimized for use with selective catalyst reduction (SCR) and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to comply with iT4 emission regulations. The upgraded wheel loader has an optional hydraulic locking differential available as an alternative to the standard limited slip differential. Another common option for the DL450 is a torque converter lock-up clutch. This enables the machine to climb grades easier and faster, increasing productivity as much as 20% in certain stockpiling applications. Additionally, the DL450 is now equipped with optional electric steering to decrease operator fatigue during repetitive cycle operations on the jobsite. A joystick has been added to the left armrest that allows the operator to control the directional movement without having to use the steering wheel. Other options for the wheel loader are a diesel coolant heater to improve starting in cold weather or a block heater that warms the engine coolant before engine startup with an electrical heater.


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Publication:E&MJ - Engineering & Mining Journal
Date:Aug 1, 2012
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