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Wheat groups pledge 'synchronized' introduction of biotech crops.

Organizations representing the wheat industry in the United States, Canada and Australia say they will work toward the goal of synchronized commercialization of biotech traits in their wheat crops. In a statement, the groups say they believe it is "in the best interest of all three producer communities to introduce biotechnology in a coordinated fashion to minimize market disruption."

A number of wheat importing nations have indicated that they will not buy genetically engineered wheat. The plan by the three large wheat exporting nations to coordinate the introduction of biotech varieties thus is seen as one way to assure that all will reap the benefits of the bioengineered crops without having to worry that a competitor will gain an advantage by continuing to produce only conventional varieties. That would be view as "disrupting the market."

U.S. organizations signing onto the statement include the National Association of Wheat Growers, U.S. Wheat Associates, and the North American Millers' Association. Canadian signatories include Grain Growers of Canada, Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association and Alberta Winter Wheat Producers Commission. Australian signatories include Grains Council of Australia, Grain Growers Association, and Pastoralists and Graziers Association of Western Australia (Inc.).
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Publication:The Food & Fiber Letter
Date:May 25, 2009
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