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What your toes know! Who knew! All sorts of secret stuff is buried between your toes!

Just about everybody's heard of getting your palm read, right? But how about toe reading? That's right, some sag all your experiences are stored in your 10 little piggies. Toe reading is based on a theory that your body keeps track of what's happening in your world. So it's like your toes are rows of memory sticks.

So it goes ... that the position and shape of your toes say a lot about you. And they can change with you as you tiptoe along the path that is your life. So kick off your flip-flops, and stand with your feet firmly on the ground. Now, look down and let your toes do the talking.


We'll start with your big toe. The biggie piggie has a lot to do with your destiny. The beauty of it is that opps are limitless for all toe types. What does your big toe show?

LARGE, ROUND BIG TOE If you're big toe is somewhat, well, bulbous? You're bound to do something to wow the world in a "look at me, I have charisma" fashion. Grand ideas are your specialty!

LONGER, NARROW BIG TOE You're likely to gravitate toward more tech-y pursuits. That's because you have a long attention span and are good with details.

SMALLER, SQUAT BIG TOE You have the tendency to be very focused and a little cautious. You probably need a lot of reassurance and like to feel anchored.

VERY STRAIGHT, WELL-GROUNDED BIG TOE Confidence is your key to success, sister, so stay on track by keeping that solid self-esteem in check.

CROOKED BIG TOE Could it be you've settled for less? Maybe you've steered from your heart's true purpose by surrendering to the hopes of someone else (a parent?). Be true to you.

A BIG TOE THAT POINTS UPWARD We can call you Miss Optimistic! A real die-hard dreamer has a toe that doesn't come in contact with the ground at all.

A BIG TOE THAT POINTS DOWN You have untapped energy and talent. Ask, "What's my unfulfilled dream?" Then, pinch yourself and claim it.


Move over, big toe--you have company. The other toes have something to say, too. Take a walk on the mystified side.

THE SECOND TOE Your second-in-command is all about communicating. The length of the second toe directly equates to how much you like to gab or the depth of your thinking. The more open and straightforward the tips of your second toes, the more your communication skills mirror the same qualities. When a second toe extends beyond the length of the big toe, this usually indicates artistic drive, a passion for singing or unusually high math moxie.

THE MIDDLE TOE The one in the center screams, "Action!" If yours is straight, you get things done. A rigid, strong toe means you have a direct approach in reaching goals. Not so straight? You're a procrastinator. Or maybe you're easily distracted. The longer the toe, the more drive and enthusiasm you have!

THE FOURTH TOE The second-to-last toe gets to the root of relationships--with crushes, parents, friends, sibs, swim coaches and, yes, even yourself. The length and size of No. 4 has to do with your ability to get along with others. A toe that doesn't lean to one side says you're affectionate, humble and compassionate. The longer the toe, the more potential you have to reach out to others. It bends to the ground? Friendships run deep. You may not have a huge crew ... but a select few gems as friends.

THE PINKY TOE The pinky points to prosperity. If your little toe turns sideways as if looking off into the distance, that's exactly what you are doing. You feel that whatever you want is out there, just outta grasp. If the baby is smooshed, your self-esteem may feel squashed. A true toe-jammin' mama will shake the blahs and learn to heel, uh, heal.


The amount of spacing between your toes matters, too. Find out where you stand ....

LOTSA SPACE BETWEEN YOUR BIG AND SECOND TOES You're an independent thinker and leader of your pack. You're the girl who challenges authority!

ENOUGH SPACE TO FIT ANOTHER TOE BETWEEN THE FIRST TWO TOES a gap like that shows intuitive, yet intellectual, thinking. That makes you open-minded. You have plenty of room for new thoughts and inspiration.

EVEN MORE SPACE THAN ONE EXTRA TOE WOULD FIT You have a gift for connecting with people even when your way of thinking is radically different from theirs. You love a great debate!

LITTLE SPACE BETWEEN THE TOES Never get to express your individuality? It could be you're not a risk-taker. No need to jump in headfirst, but test the waters ... by sticking a toe in first.


Are your toes all lined up like little soldiers, or are they not exactly in single-file formation?

TOES ARE SCRUNCHED BACK Hmm, you could be more of a bystander. Or maybe you're not ready to stand up and be counted for fear of being judged. Shake the insecurities, shy-bee!

A HIDDEN, CONCEALED TOE Prefer not to be noticed? Don't let a lack of self-confidence get you down. Find a way to pull your inner strength outward.

OVERLAPPING TOES You might care too much about the approval of others. Make some room for your ideas. They're important--and you'd better believe it!

TOES POINT DIRECTLY AHEAD Hey, your confidence rocks! Your forthright approach to life is super-healthy.

TOES POINT TOWARD THE BIG TOE You're stuck in the past. No more backstroking--play it forward!

TOES ARE CRAMPED TOGETHER This stems from frustration and fear. Free your mind to detangle those toes!


Yes, even your nail bed has a message for you ....

* Big nail bed The natural gift of intuition; will readily express ideas with confidence and explore new ways of approaching life.

* Smaller toe nails More conservative in your thinking.

* Ruffles and ridges Perceived obstacles or need to defend ideas.

* Short nails Efficient and no-nonsense; like to keep in touch.

* Off-center nails Indecisiveness; nails will straighten when you get clear about what you think and feel.

KC Miller is the author of Toe Reading: Are You Walking Your Destined Path? Learn more at toereadingonline.comf
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