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What your butt shape says about your health.

Summary: The size of your rear end says a lot about your food and exercise habits

Cleo Pimentel-Capili, Special to Guides

Our butts come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes our derriere is exactly the way we want it, other times we need to work on it.

Sometimes the right clothing you can disguise any flaws you feel you have and give you confidence in your body. .

There are five main types of behinds and this guide will help you understand your shape and do the right exercise to flatter your derriere.

1. Square

This is the most common bottom shape in younger women. This means that the hips and pelvis are the same width, giving a bit of a square box appearance.

Improve a square butt

A person with a square-shaped butt means that they might have love handles. Those love handles, caused by fat around the waist can be trimmed with some simple clamshells, lying side abductions and side lunges.

Fashion fix

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Wear high-waisted pants that are cut on the sides and A-line skirts with soft textures. Straight leg pants with pinstripes detail can give the illusion of curves at the hips.

2. V-Shape

You'll notice that this body type has broader shoulders than hips and there is not a lot of curve either. The waist is smaller but the fat is gathered around the hips rather than the bottom of the butt, which creates the appearance of a V. This is one of the least desirable shapes for women.

Improve a V-butt

A V-shape can be improved by trimming down your muffin top. This can be easily fixed with exercises that add muscle bulk to the lower part of the buttocks. The trick is to try kickbacks, froggy glute lifts and plie.

Fashion fix

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Avoid straight-shaped skirts and wear flared skirts to balance your hips. If you love jeans, look for jeans pockets with detail or pocket flaps on back to give you more shape.

3. Round

Some call this the cherry-shaped while others call it the bubble-butt, but this shape is good and healthy. The fat storages near the top in the upper part of the glutes are equal and gives it a very full appearance.

Improve a round butt

It is easy to remove any extra fat from the bottom if needed with regular cardio exercises and general butt exercises like basic squats, Bulgarian split squats and glute bridges.

Fashion fix

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You're blessed if you have a round derriere. Just amplify it with a plain, fitted pencil skirt or skinny jeans that will follow your curves.

If you have a round but flatter bum and wants an ample looking derriere, opt for stiletto heels for a lift. A midi-skirt with a trumpet hem does the trick, too. When wearing pants, remember that pockets have the power to lift that booty, so pay attention to bulky details and full-size pockets if you want the most flattering bum.

4. Upside down heart

In addition to the round shape, a heart shape is one of the most desirable as well. The shape is flatter at the top and has more volume at the outer-bottom portion of the cheeks. A shape that's common for bikini models. However, this bottom type also tends to lose fat faster as women age.

Improve your heart shape

This shape means a little extra weight built in the upper thighs and it can be easily fixed with single leg squats, straight leg kickbacks and strength training workouts.

Fashion fix: This is another shape where you can wear almost anything and still look flattering.

5. Plain Flat Rear

You did endless squats and joined a booty class to dance along the butt lift 'Despacito' workouts. Yet, you are still an owner of a small, flat landscape.

How to improve your flat butt

The goal here is to add muscle mass to your bottom with focused exercises like weighted hip thrusts, ice-skaters, weighted squats and glute bridges.

Fashion fix

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Wear jeans with double stitching and decorative back pockets or high-rise skinny styles that cinch at the waist which emphasises a long figure. Wear skirts and dresses, too, with full, ruffled hems.

Extra tip: Use statement jewellery to draw attention to your top outfit. A crop-top and a super low-rise can add curves as well.

Source: Dr. Matthew Schulman, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, New York


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