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What you learn on the ... tax related CIMA Mastercourses: Susan Cattell, head of tax professional development at BPP Professional Education, and course speaker on the corporation tax refresher and update.

Our comprehensive array of tax courses range from the highly specialist to refreshers and updates aimed at people working in companies or accountancy practices who need to brush up their more general knowledge and expertise.


Here is a summary of some of our most popular tax courses ...

Corporation tax refresher and update

I get a lot of people coming on this course who qualified as an accountant a number of years ago and now need a refresher because their role within an organisation has changed. Other delegates take this course simply to ensure that their existing knowledge is up to speed.

The course starts with the basics: a recap of how to complete a corporation tax computation. We also consider in detail the new capital allowance regime, the UK Treasury's reduced corporation tax rate following the recent Budget and other major recent changes. Additional topics covered include self-assessment, trading profits, loan relationships, capital allowances, loss relief, intangible fixed assets, group chargeable gains and liquidations.

Essential annual tax update

This course is aimed at accountants either in practice or industry who want to bring their knowledge up to date. We cover all the main relevant areas within corporation tax and beyond -business taxation, including capital allowances, and employee taxation, PAYE and NIC. We also look at significant changes in VAT and personal taxation.

UK taxation of groups

This course looks in detail at group relief, consortium relief, reorganisations, buying a subsidiary, demergers, asset disposals and other major issues relating to the tax treatment of groups in the UK. It's designed for people who advise, plan and manage group-related transactions. Specific topics covered ! include: group relief, group chargeable gains and losses, group tax payments, consortium arrangements, transfers of ' assets within a group and transfers of trades within a group.

VAT refresher and update and ...

International VAT--goods I and services

I VAT has always been a particularly I complex tax, but the recent rate rise in I the UK has rendered it an even bigger I issue. Making a VAT-related mistake is | more expensive than ever - particularly if you are partially exempt.

The VAT refresher and update course is designed to give delegates an overview of the fundamentals of the tax, as well as an update on all the key changes i in recent VAT legislation. Specific areas covered include recent cases on the deductibility of input tax, and advice on how to minimise exposure to the new regime of penalties for errors.

The international VAT--goods and services course is also highly relevant at the moment because January 2010 and January 2011 brought major changes to the rules in this area. Delegates will benefit from a full update on these changes, as well as an overview of the structure I of VAT under European law, an understanding of how the tax impacts on international supplies of both goods and services, an in-depth examination of the rules relating to the various types of 'overseas services and insight into ways of planning to minimise VAT costs.

Visit www.cimamaster for more details about these and all other CIMA Mastercourses.
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Publication:Financial Management (UK)
Date:Jun 1, 2011
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