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What we know about snow.

You already know that snow on the roof of a tent can bring the tent down on top of you. But did you also know that snow piled against the sides of a tent can bring it down as well?

When fiberglass poles get cold, they can bend and break under the weight of snow on the roof. Before snow gets too heavy, shake it off the canvas or polyester. Or clean it off with a snow rake, NSN 5120-01-464-6340. The rake has an aluminum telescopic pole with an 18-foot reach. Eventually, this rake will be added to all tent TMs.

When you remove snow from the roof, take care not to pile it against the walls. A big snowbank has enough weight to buckle the wall frame and cave in the whole tent.

It's a good idea, though, to shovel a small pile of snow along the base of the tent. That'll hold the fabric down and keep the wind from blowing underneath it and into the tent.
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