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What we're doing this week here at Glebe Cottage.

Byline: with Carol Klein Gardening Club

HIT THE ROOF: We have a green roof on top of my potting shed here at Glebe Cottage and I've been putting off having a look at what's been going on up there.

So on a day when it's not blowing a gale, out come the ladders and up I go.

Because there is a good depth of soil up there, instead of using sempervivums and sedums - the subjects usually employed for green roofs with very shallow soil - we've planted a selection of sun-loving plants.

We've got eryngiums (sea hollies) and agapanthus, calamintha and stachys and lots of Mediterranean plants, which are all hugely attractive to pollinating insects. All that needs to be done is to take my sharpest shears and cut everything down.

If it snows, Neil will help me cover the whole lot with a tarpaulin so we can shake off the snow between us. It's a bit precarious - but different. Who would have thought gardening could be so adventurous? ?NO PANE, NO GAIN: In the greenhouse, extra garlic in module trays is sending up green shoots and putting down roots.

I'll plant it out soon but probably cover the soil where it's going to go with old Dutch lights left over from my nursery. If the soil is a bit warmer, transplanted crops don't get such a shock. With slightly longer daylight - and because the greenhouse stays free of frost - I can sow some of the tougher salad crops now under glass.

Neil makes delicious salads from baby leaves and because they're so young, all the flavour and goodness is concentrated and you don't need great mounds of it. Rocket, Chinese mustards, cut-and-come-again lettuce, even broccoli and beetroot can all be sown in seed trays or pots. Seed trays are best because they have a bigger surface area compared to their depth of soil - you get more for your money.


Sea hollies for the roof garden

Planting out garlic
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 27, 2013
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