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What type of shopper are you? cool.

1. You have been invited to a Christmas party and want to be seen in something new. Do you . . .

a. have a classic outfit in your wardrobe that you plan to update with some new accessories and possibly a new pair of shoes?

b. flick through Style City until you find a dress you like, then head straight for the shop in your lunch hour?

c. check out what Victoria Beckham is wearing this season? You want to be right on trend.

d. mix designer and high street items perhaps with a vintage piece thrown in?

2. It's your friend's birthday. Do you . . .

a. buy her a beautiful silk scarf that would go well with the red coat she often wears?

b. get her some vouchers.? That way she'll definitely find something she likes.

c. buy her a voucher for an Indian head massage. She'll need it after you've pounded the stores for an outfit for her birthday night out.

d. suggest a day out shopping? You'll treat her to lunch as a gift.

3. You have just 20 minutes between finishing work and dashing out the door to a dinner event. Do you . . .

a. dress-up your daytime trouser suit with a change of handbag and some jewellery for the evening?

b. just go as you are. You haven't got time to change.

c. take a full change of clothes and finish work early to get ready.

d. wear something dressy all day and re-do your hair and make-up in the staff toilets before you go out.

4. What would you spend the most money on . . .

a. a pair of classic shoes that won't date and can be reheeled again and again.

b. clothes for your children.

c. whatever is the key piece for the season.

d. a little black dress.

Mostly As: As a member of the "older, wiser, cooler" group, you emulate the habits of Twiggy or Joanna Lumley, buying classic pieces that will see you through the seasons.

Mostly Bs: As a "mission shopper", like Kerry Katona, you always make sure you know what you're shopping for before you leave the house and rarely make impulse buys.

Mostly Cs: You are a "trendspotter", a WAG at heart with shopping habits similar to Victoria Beckham and Alex Curran.

Mostly Ds: You like to put your own stamp on trends and tend to mix designer and high street clothes to create the look you want. You are an "urban aspirant", like Sarah Barnes, from Hollyoaks
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 22, 2007
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