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Byline: with Jo Manning

At it again!

EASTENDERS (BBC1, 7.30pm) IT seems like the rough birds get all the fun on EastEnders, and tonight we'll see the roughest of them all getting her feathers ruffled by a certain doctor with designs on her daughter. That's right, Kat and `Ant'ney' (EastEnders never use more than two syllables if they can help it) do the dirty tonight as their heated debate over the whereabouts of Zoe turns into a tussle between the sheets.

The re-sparking of their affair was as inevitable as Pauline Fowler choosing a grey cardigan each morning, especially since Ant'ney obviously likes his women doused in orange and bedecked with fake gold.

Perhaps it'll move the never-ending forbidden love story between Anthony and Zoe on a bit, because the heavy rounds of arguments, tears, recriminations and family feuding surrounding their affair has been getting on my nerves.

Also tonight, poor old Paul, the long-suffering brother of the uptight Ant'ney, tries to accept the news that Patrick isn't his dad and that Milton is.

Maybe now he'll stop doing that classic Walford thing of going to sit in the middle of Albert Square with a bottle of whiskey whilst looking decidedly glum.

I don't know about you, but when I'm upset about something I don't find a bench and stare tearfully into space all day. Get real Cockneys!

On a row to nowhereOCEAN ROW (BBC2, 7.30pm) FIVE minutes on a rowing machine is about all I can manage, so I take my hat off to Rob Munslow (pictured) from Monmouth who set out with three other madmen to row the Atlantic in just 33 days earlier this year. Their specially designed boat - the Skandia Atlantic Spirit - was a equipped with four onboard cameras, allowing BBC Wales to capture their warts-and-all attempt at breaking the world record for rowing the Atlantic.

Unfortunately for Rob and the guys, lady luck didn't exactly grace their bow as they experienced a catalogue of problems with their boat and mother nature, and after rowing 1,000 miles they radio-ed to be picked up.

Watch their dramatic bid in close-up tonight.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 15, 2002
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