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What to do with our 'feral gangs of thugs' Mailbag letters also appear online at Mailbag.

'WILL face-to-face meetings with victims make 'Yobs' think more about the misery they cause?' I would first like to praise the intelligent and common sense conveyed in the Hot Topic vote result of the Examiner readers in answer to the above question on Tuesday: Yes 10.3%, No 89.7%.

The idea is one once again put forward by the 'do gooders' and 'see no wrong' people in our society, in essence to try and prove that the 'yobs' are really pillars of society.

Yobbo or yob is a slang term for an uncouth or thuggish person. The word derives from the word 'boy' (boy or boyo reversed becomes yob or - slightly modified - yobbo).

The fact is that 'yobs' is too good a word for them. I would describe many of them as 'thugs' who go round in 'gangs' and behave like 'feral animals.' One of the problems with this idea of confrontation with the victim is in fact that each one of these 'feral animals' taken individually will actually look docile and non-threatening, nothing like the original confrontation because very few of these thugs act alone.

Another problem is that these so called 'yobs' do not think they are 'yobs', they will think that they are 'The Man' and this idea will look to many of them as the easy option and a way round the problems they have caused.

Once again we will look after the needs of the criminals but the victims will always be victims and confrontation will not change this fact.

In reality we do not feel threatened by our young people as individuals, but they become very brave, volatile and threatening in the group 'gang' situation and then they prey on the old, the very young and the vulnerable.

They rarely prey on the fit and healthy just like 'feral animals.' DAVID TOWNEND Linthwaite
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 19, 2012
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