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What to do with a steep, narrow yard? Decks and terraces.

What to do with a steep, narrow yard? Decks and terraces

A series of decks added to the back of this 25-foot-wide San Francisco house and a new landscape plan for its narrow, sloping garden made relaxed outdoor living a possibility for a family of city dwellers.

First, Oakland architect Isabel Bradshaw replaced the existing asbestos siding on the back of the residence with redwood clapboard. Next she erected 8-by-8 redwood posts on a ground-level concrete foundation to support a 190-square-foot redwood deck opening off the entry-level family room.

Below this main deck, Bradshaw positioned a brick patio beside a smaller wooden deck that surrounds a sunken 6-by 8-foot fiberglass spa.

Nine feet above the main deck, a 54-square-foot deck leads off the master bedroom. Its railing, like the one around the main deck, was created by running 1/4-inch stainless steel aircraft cables through painted 4-by-4 redwood posts.

Topping the posts, a sealed and rounded mahogany rail (made from two layers of 2-by-6) has a flat top that can support drink glasses.

Photo: View from deck shows how landscape architect Lawrence Wight divided steeply sloping garden into two levels. Curving raised brick planters along one side provide garden seating and allow room for a level, grassy play area

Photo: Replacing windows with French doors gave access to new redwood decks from main level and master bedroom above
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Date:Jun 1, 1986
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