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What to do if you want to change your name; YOUR VIEW.

A chance for local charities, voluntary organisations and advice groups to reach our readers TODAY: Joe Michna, Citizens Advice Bureau manager Q. Can a person change her/ his name? A. A person who wishes to be known by another name can change her/his name at any time, provided s/he does not intend to deceive or defraud another person.

Q. Is there a legal procedure a person must follow to change his/her name? A. There is no legal procedure which a person must follow in order to change his/her name. S/he can change his/her forename or surname, add names or rearrange her/his existing names.

Q. When may evidence of a change of name be needed? A. A person is not obliged to obtain legal proof that s/he has changed her/his name. However, there are some circumstances, for example, applying for a passport, when additional evidence of the change of name is required. Q. What type of evidence can be used to confirm a change of name? A. The evidence required varies, depending on the purpose for which it is needed and can include: a letter from a responsible person; a public announcement; a statutory declaration; a deed poll.

Q. What is a statutory declaration? A. For most evidence purposes, a statutory declaration is generally sufficient evidence of the person's change of name. A statutory declaration is a statement, recording the intention to abandon an old name and adopt a new one. Q. How can a statutory declaration be prepared? A. A statutory declaration can be drawn up by the person him or herself, or by a solicitor, It is generally advisable to get a solicitor to prepare the declaration although this is not a legal requirement. All statutory declarations must be signed by the person changing his/her name and also witnessed either by a solicitor (other than the one who prepared the statutory declaration) of a Justice of the Peace (JP). Before witnessing a statutory declaration, a solicitor or JP may ask to see the person's birth certificate.

Q. What is a deed poll? A. A deed poll is a formal statement that a name has been changed. For most people it will not be necessary to prepare a deed poll as evidence that they have changed their name. A deed poll can be prepared using a prescribed form available from law stationers or by using a solicitor.
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Feb 10, 2014
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