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What to WATCH.

EastEnders (BBC1, 7.30pm) Stacey, Kat, Janine, Pat and Kim are spending the night in a police cell after getting involved in a brawl at the R&R. Being ensconced together in a confined space gives the ladies a chance to bond and Stacey reveals that she's concerned about leaving little Lily with Charlie and Pat tells her that she's actually with Ryan. Tensions escalate and Stacey blurts out that Archie raped her. Meanwhile, Billy and Archie are having a heart-to-heart of their own as Billy tells Archie that he hates him for having everything that he hasn't, but Archie reveals a few home truths of his own.

Holby City (BBC1, 8pm) The new joint director of surgery , Henrik Hanssen, is making his mark on the ED ward, and Connie is furious that he is muscling in on her territory. But she's definitely met her match with the suave doctor who is also making a few waves with the rest of the staff. After the sudden death of Linden, everyone is struggling to cope, especially pregnant Faye. Jac still hates her with a passion but Joseph is feeling a bit sorry for her, until she tells him her secret.

71 Degrees North (ITV1, 9pm) Tonight dark horse Joe proves that he is a possible contender for the winning title, when he decides that Gavin Henson has had it too easy for too long and goes all out to beat him on the next task. The teams go head-to-head in a race to herd reindeer across the frozen Arctic, which is all well and good, but not so easy when the animals decide they have no intentions of going anywhere.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 16, 2010
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