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What to WATCH.

Holby City (BBC1, 8pm) As Lauren fights for her life, Faye insists she did not meet her by the lake and persuades Joseph to give her an alibi, but the police remain unconvinced. Under pressure from Ric and the Press, Vanessa and the board try to find a scapegoat for recent events and quickly settle on Judith. Oliver attempts to keep his romp with Jac a secret, but that's going to prove difficult, because his sneaky little sister took a picture and decides to email it to the whole hospital.

Survivors (BBC1, 9pm) A new series of this Seventies postapocalyptic drama returns, picking up moments after the climax of the first series. Abby wakes up after being kidnapped and is being held captive at a mysterious lab, where scientists are running tests on her immune system in search of a vaccine for a virus.

Meanwhile, Al and Anya raid a burning hospital for medical supplies in an effort to save a critically wounded Greg who was shot at the end of the last series.

Piers Morgan on Marbella (ITV1, 9pm) Piers takes a look at how the other half live, and apparently not everybody is feeling the credit crunch. In the Spanish city of Marbella on the Costa del Sol, he takes a look at Europe's most expensive housing estate and visits restaurants that sell champagne at pounds 26,000 a pop. But he also looks at the downside, the lessexclusive seafront bars where robberies and gunshots are commonplace and Brits gather to get drunk. He meets a couple who were gassed in their home by an Eastern European gang.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 9, 2010
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