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What the boss said.

Byline: Anthony Johnson

"I THOUGHT we were terrible if I'm honest with you,.

"I thought the game was awful to watch and the conditions were poor and it was awful but it was all about the three points so I don't care. I'm sick of saying this season how well we've played when we've won 3-0 or 4-0 and the opposite of that being really poor and losing. Well today we were poor and won so we'll take that all day long.

"The conditions played a massive part. Why any team would want to start kicking the ball long with the wind as it was today is beyond me, but that's what tended to happen.

"We played in fits and spurts with zero quality but having said all that we've probably had 10 chances, really good chances.

"We knew they would try and get something today, they weren't ever going to sit behind the ball which meant on the counter we had to have some real quality about us and we really lacked that.

"I thought when they scored we might be hanging onto it a little bit more but we saw it out pretty easily if I'm honest.

"It is tough against 10 men but we still had chances.

"I thought it was a terrible tackle, a really poor challenge. I don't think he has gone in intentionally but it's the pace he has gone in there. Gleno (George Glendon) is a clever player and saw it coming and managed to nick the ball away. It was a red card and deservedly so."

"I could spend the next five minutes repeating myself but the three points is all that matter and we'll be banging on to the lads for the next 13 games for the running, that's what we'll be looking for."

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Title Annotation:Sport
Author:Anthony Johnson
Publication:Chester Chronicle (Chester, England)
Date:Feb 13, 2020
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