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What recession?

If there has been a world recession in 1991 then someone has forgotten to inform Eurotec Finishing Systems. This UK company was formed only a year ago to design and manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality electrostatic powder coating equipment for sale to a global market. The company exhibited for the first time in its own right at Finishing '91 in September and the results, it says, have been overwhelming.

In just 12 months Eurotec's world wide distribution network has sold powder coating equipment in North America, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, as well as in Europe and the UK. In June this year the company moved to headquarters near Wigan seconds away from the M6 motorway and close to Manchester Airport. The company's demonstration and training facility has recently been opened and has already resulted in four orders from China comprising 30 automatic guns and eight gun manipulators.

The board of directors is equally impressive. Managing director Jim Kenyon has over 20 years experience in powder coatings, having been MD of Technical Surface Coatings and TSC Viratech, and sales and marketing director with Volstatic, where Eurotec's technical director, Dave Campbell, spent some seven years as design engineer.

Mickey Ko is based in Hong Kong and is also a director of Uy Tung Engineering, a major player in powder coating installations in the Far East, particularly in China. Similarly Des Field is a director of Epac Productions of Auckland, New Zealand, and Sydney, Australia, with a good reputation in surface coating installations in Australasia.

The Eurotec range of electrostatic powder coating equipment has been designed by Dave Campbell and supplemented with the world wide experience of the team to produce what they consider is an unsurpassed range. Manufactured to the highest safety and production standards all electrostatic equipment incorporates the Eurotec |controlled current charging' technology for optimum deposition and therefore maximum powder usage.

Included in the comprehensive Eurotec range is the |C50' manual unit, which can be used with a top or bottom feed venturi system for complete coating flexibility. The chassis is stable and of robust construction of large conductive castors. Fluid beds are mobile too, and can be broken down in seconds for ease of cleaning. Alternatively these can be wheeled away and left with designated colours. The gun control console is ergonomically positioned for operator viewing and adjustment and the lightweight spray gun is well balanced with the handle angled to give maximum sweep. A 1 1/2 kg hopper is supplied as an option for small colour runs.

|AG 100' automatic spray guns are 250mm standard length and mounted on a support bar by means of a multi-position locking clamp allowing full adjustment of distance and angle of gun to the work-piece. Guns may be mounted in fixed mode or on manipulators such as reciprocators or swingers. All service lines are quickly detachable, single charging needle gives high efficiency charge transfer, variable velocity powder emissions for additional spray pattern control. Resistors fitted inside the gun enable a low resistance liquid filled HT cable to be used for increased reliability and stability at temperature.

The company's |E50' electronic reciprocator has a self contained control system which enables the unit to be operated independently or through a remote control console. Long/short stroke operation plus swivel carriage enable the guns to be locked in position in either a vertical or horizontal mode. It incorporates up to six guns per unit with pre-sets in 5cm increments throughout the stroke length. Two pairs of fail-safe override brake pre-sets may be utilised throughout the stroke length. Torque limiting trnsmission is incorporated for safety and speed readout is digital.

An innovative multi-gun oscillator is the |ES' swinger. This can accommodate up to six AG100 automatic guns travelling through variable arcs, linear movement, or in a fixed mode. Again it has digital speed readout.

Eurotec's progress in a difficult economic climate has been spectacular. The directors felt strongly that there was a need for an independent company dedicated exclusively to high quality powder coating equipment. Further products are in the pipeline and R&D will continue on an ongoing basis.
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Title Annotation:Eurotec Finishing Systems
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Date:Dec 1, 1991
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