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What really is Tisha Bautista's 'third eye'?

In a TV interview, embattled Comelec chair Andres Bautista quoted his estranged wife Patricia 'Tisha' Bautista's response-just before she went public with his alleged hidden wealth-to his concern about their children: 'The universe will take care of them.'

People had a field day on social media, mocking Tisha and her reputed 'third eye.'

Some made fun of Tisha's preoccupation with her psychic abilities and how her involvement with people equally devoted to their pursuit ultimately led to the breakup of her marriage.

That's on one hand. On another hand, perhaps it's worth finding out how other people-the ones she shared her interests with-regarded her.

Parapsychologist, author, lecturer, hypnotherapist and Lifestyle columnist Jaime Licauco recalled, 'She was introduced to me by a mutual friend as somebody who's psychic and who can see the human aura and even read the Akashic Record.'

Licauco pointed out that the Akashic Record does not exist on the physical plane. 'The American psychic and prophet Edgar Cayce described the Akashic Record as 'information that is written in the skein of time and space.''

Later on, a small group of friends would meet in Licauco's office in Makati, and sometimes in Tisha's office space in her mom's Franck Provost salon on Jupiter Street, Makati, to have psychic sessions.

Licauco recounted that 'these sessions consisted of psychic readings, discussions. There were usually just five of us, but usually Alvin Lim, her restaurateur-friend, would join us to share his psychic insights.'


Everyone in the group was skeptical about one's psychic abilities-except Tisha, said Licauco.

The group's members consisted of a female doctor, whom Licauco noted is 'a channel of an entity from the fifth dimension; an architect who feels he is not from the earth; a businessman who channels angels; a female superintendent of a kindergarten school; Tisha; and myself.'

Asked how he regarded Tisha, Licauco said, 'My first impression was that of a sensitive and sincere woman with psychic gifts.'

But he added, 'I didn't have the chance to really test or witness such gifts in action, except her psychic readings and seeing the aura. The other group members have, however, witnessed them.'

J.V., the architect, said, 'Tisha can read the human aura accurately, do distant healing, talk to and see nonphysical beings, and harness crystal energy.'

Licauco recalled that J.V. related to him an incident: 'One time, at PowerBooks, a man who introduced himself as 'Dawn of Man' appeared to her and time seemed to stand still. Only Tisha could see him. The store's staff said she was alone.

'JV said Tisha accurately read the Dawn of Man's aura and gave him a crystal with an image of an E.T. inside. How did Tisha know the man thought of himself as somebody from another world?'

The female doctor e-mailed Licauco from New Zealand and said 'she found Tisha to be very sensitive to psychic energy, that's why she's good at psychic reading and counseling. She could see the past lives of people and could tap into the future, as well.'

The businessman, who channels angelic guides, recounted that 'one time, when conducting a reading for Tisha, her dead father appeared to him and gave her a message which made her very emotional.'

Higher consciousness

Asked what Tisha really meant when she said that 'the universe will take care' of her children, Licauco explained, 'You see, people of higher consciousness, or those in touch with higher realities, know that each of us comes to earth for a purpose that each soul subconsciously knows. They also believe each of us is guided by benevolent and wise beings.

'So, the universe will indeed take care of them. Jesus Christ, I think, said something similar when He said that his father in heaven will not let His children be without food or shelter.'

As for the negative public perception that Tisha is a weirdo, Licauco said he's surprised. 'Ignorant people consider psychics and those with open third eyes to be weird or eccentric because they do not understand the nature of the psychic universe in which such people move and exist. They are not aware of the numerous scientific studies and proofs of the existence of such powers and phenomena.'

Licauco, who discusses these subjects every Tuesday in his Lifestyle column, went on: 'The mind-boggling discoveries of quantum physics tend to confirm what psychics and mystics around the world have known for thousands of years about the true nature of the universe.'

He said that the 'third eye' is a much-misunderstood term. 'It really refers to clairvoyant vision. It is derived from two French words, meaning, 'to see clearly.''

Licauco believes everybody has a third eye. 'But some people have more access to it than others. It cannot be opened or closed through physical means but it can be controlled or managed.'

The third eye, he noted, is associated with 'the pineal gland in the middle of the brain. The pineal is one of the endocrine or ductless glands. It is considered to be the seat of the third eye or clairvoyance.'
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Date:Aug 13, 2017
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