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What nastiness next from 'mummy' May?

JUST when you thought Thatcher was gone, up pops another Tory clone, but this time a lot nastier in the form of "mummy" Theresa May. Thatcher, in true neo-liberalist fashion, took away school kids' daily breaktime milk quota, but "mummy" May has ratcheted up the vindictiveness by planning, if elected, to do away with free school dinners for all children.

Why should any person with a gram of empathy be surprised? We have endured years of ideologically driven austerity cuts, so I wonder what the leader of the Tories has planned next? Compulsory checks on elderly people's teeth to see if they have reached the right age to receive the state pension? A variant on the suggestion to age child immigrants suggested by a certain Tory MP. Or maybe a plan to penalise pensioners by cutting the value of the state pension by removing the "triple lock"? Of course, for the moment, only the latter is true. As I am to become a pensioner next year I am worried about what the Tories are planning to do with all the tax and national insurance contributions I have paid into the great pot of sharing. If the Tories are running true to form all I will get is a penny whistle, a begging bowl, and told to get on with it.

Terry Banfield Cwmbran

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 27, 2017
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