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Small groups can drive big changes, says Mark J. Penn, CEO of Burson-Marsteller and coauthor of Microtrends, a book inspired by groups of people who share an intense choice or preference and who have been under-counted or misunderstood by companies, marketers and policymakers. Thirty years as a polling analyst and advisor to major corporations led to Penn's fascination with social niches--and his theory that understanding these intense identity groups can help companies succeed in today's increasingly fragmented society. Here's a small sampling of the many counterintuitive facts and findings Penn outlined for Summit participants:

30 Winkers

American adults who get less than six hours sleep a night

1998:12 percent

2005:16 percent

French Teetotalers

Glasses of wine consumed per person in France



More DIY Doctors

Number of people using the Internet for health-related information

2005:117 million

2006:136 million

Pet Parents

% of households with pets: 63%

% of households with kids: 30%

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