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What kind of traveler are you?

If you and your travel partner wonder why you agonize over every vacation decision, it may be all in your heads. Stanley Plog, author of Leisure Travel: Making It a Growth Market Again!, has uncovered some distinctive personality traits that can help identity or type travelers. According to his research, they can be classified as psychocentric, mid-centric, or allocentric personality types. By taking the following quiz with a traveling companion, you can develop an appreciation for one another's likes and dislikes, smoothing the path for vacation decisions:

In most of your daily activities, do you: a. Try to avoid rushing so you can relax a bit b. Find that you are sometimes slow and sometimes fast c. Find yourself hurrying even when you don't have to hurry

When a new electronic gadget or product appears on the market, will you probably: a. Wait until it has been around for quite awhile and drops low in price b. Wait for a short period of time before you buy, just to be certain they have "worked all the bugs out" c. Pay more to be one of the first to buy it, to enjoy the sense of discovery

When you visit a place that has steep cliffs or canyons, are you likely to: a. Stay quite far away from the edge b. Get a bit closer to look over, but feel uncomfortable doing so c. Get a bit closer to the edge so you can see down the canyon

Compared to most people, do you feel your energy level is: a. Perhaps a little less b. About the same c. Much higher than others

As you work on things around the house or apartment, do you like to do them: a. Slowly and deliberately b. At a moderate pace c. Quickly to get them over with

If you were going to take a short vacation, would you rather: a. Drive to the destination b. Fly, but stay in one place to relax after you get there c. Fly, rent a car, and explore different places

In terms of the health-and-exercise phenomenon that has swept the nation, do you: a. Not participate because you don't believe it does much good b. Agree that it's helpful, but don't do as much as you should c. Exercise regularly to stay in great shape

Compared to most people, do you: a. Have a wide circle of friends and see them more frequently b. Enjoy family and friends, but have a need to get away from them c. Have a very small, perhaps close, circle of friends that you see only occasionally

Compared to most people you know, are you: a. Bothered by the many pressures of daily life b. Able to handle most things well, but sometimes feel strong anxiety c. Able to handle pressure well without feeling much anxiety

When you make a decision, do you: a. Think and worry about it a lot b. Make the decision relatively quickly, but worry later whether you made the right one c. Make decisions quickly and easily and seldom worry later whether or not you were correct

Award one point for every "a" answer you selected, two for every "b," and three for every "c." If you score 10 to 15 points, you are a psychocentric traveler who prefers relaxing vacations, spending the majority of your time at one location. Once a favorite spot is identified, you might like to return to it quite regularly, because it can't be improved upon. From 16 to 24 points, you are a mid-centric traveler. Sometimes you want a relaxing vacation; other times, you want to be on the go. Major countries, well-known cities, and popular sites attract you, provided they haven't become too touristy. From 25 to 30 points, you are an allocentric traveler, craving excitement and change. Your restless energy makes it difficult for you to settle down very long at one location. You also hate crowded and touristy places. You rather would visit undiscovered destinations.
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Date:May 1, 1993
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