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What kind of learner is your child?

Summary: Understanding various kinds of learners can help you discover the career path of your child

Sanobar Mistry, Special to Guides

Ever wondered why some children write the same thing over and over again to memorise it? Or some might be able to read long pages at a stretch and retain the information they read? Gone are the days where one learning approach fits all children. Educationalists and researchers around the globe are now open to the idea that children can learn through various strategies, all we have to do is identify the right strategy based on your child's learning habits.

Visual learner

A visual learner is more prone to see information before them and learn. Categorizing information through graphs, maps, and charts. They are a great way for these learners to understand material. These learners like to understand the relationships between concepts and learn faster that way. A great tool for these learners is mind maps, using charts and tables to break down information systematically.

Careers for Visual learners: Artists, Interior decorators, photographers and architects amongst others.

Auditory learners

As the name suggests these learners will understand better when they listen to what is being said. Just like some adults like to listen to novels or stories rather than read them. An auditory learner is more alert about his/her surroundings by listening and speaking. So the best way for an auditory learner to learn is through hearing someone speak the answers and then memorise them. They might learn the lyrics of songs faster or be more in tune to rhyme and rhythm.

Careers for Auditory learners: Musicians, piano players, counselors or therapists

Reading and writing learners

As you may have guessed these types of learners enjoy reading and learn well through handouts, textbooks and interaction with texts, they are capable of taking notes verbatim and are good with learning definitions and even understanding manuals. Ask them to later reproduce what they have written and check out for similarities. Provide these learners with educational books with fewer images but more text where they can get lost in the world of words.

Careers for Reading and writing learners: Writers, mathematician, accountant, technician amongst others

Kinesthetic learners

Sometimes, these learners are difficult to identify as they are often labeled as 'hyper' 'not focused' or 'playful' but they are no doubt learning in their own way just as the others. Kinesthetic learners, learn through feel and touch. They love the sensation of holding or sensory play to understand concepts. They are hands-on learners who need tangible real objects to learn. They also learn well during physical activity and various role-play methods for example, providing these learners with tool sets or play equipment help them understand the practicality of concepts better than other ways.

Careers for Kinesthetic learners : Actor, dancer, physical therapist, coach.

Based on Howard Gardener's Theory of Multiple Intelligence, published in his book Frames of Mind in 1983, it is possible to predict the careers by the types of various intelligences your child may follow. However, this does not add external factors and these intelligences may work together rather than in isolation. A number of additional intelligences have been recorded to understand the specific and special needs of each child.

- Sanobar Mistry is a published journalist and currently a teacher in Dubai.

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Publication:Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)
Date:Sep 28, 2017
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