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What journalist would you like to see run for president?

MICHAEL COLEMAN, Washington correspondent Albuquerque Journal "I'd say Mr. David Broder. He's got the experience, and he understands the issues.... I don't think he'd tarnish the White House with shadowy arms deals or sordid sex scandals. Although he may not have the television presence."

WALTER SHAPIRO, columnist, USA Today "I think journalists should be disenfranchised from running for office.... [J]ust look at the record. There's Al Gore, the newspaper reporter turned politician who went 60 days without a press conference. Also, the sainted Warren Harding was a newspaperman. Horace Greeley did get the nomination in 1872, but his campaign against Grant is not talked about in the same esteem as are the Lincoln-Douglas debates. And of course Dan Quayle comes from a famous newspaper family. I really don't think reporters and editors understand what it is to exercise power."

KEVIN FAGAN, general assignment reporter, San Francisco Chronicle "Rick Bragg--he's my hero. He's got a common touch for the people, and that's what these jerks in the White House need."

MICHAEL MINER, senior editor, Chicago Reader "Journalists I admire who have extensive executive experience and could step in and set this country right can be counted on the fingers of one nose. So I suppose I must say Al Gore, on the premise of once a journalist, always a journalist. Surely a better man for his time at the Nashville Tennessean, he's been in politics long enough to learn it."

KEN FUSON, general assignment reporter, Des Moines Register "My pick for president is Tony Kornheiser, the columnist at the Washington Post. With apologies to Howard Stern, Kornheiser is the true King of All Media. He writes columns.... He hosts a popular sports radio show. He writes books. He appears on ESPN's The Sports Reporters' show. He nearly won the Dennis Miller seat on rABc's] 'Monday Night Football.' He can write sad. He can write funny... He can go short. He can go long. And he golfs! The future of the free world would be safe in his hands."

SUSAN ADLER THOrn', political columnist, Memphis' Commercial Appeal "Molly Ivins. Because I think presidents should be smarter than me, and I suspect she's a lot smarter than I am."

JAKE TAPPER, Washington correspondent, Saloncom "Franldy, I'm not sure that any of us on the bus have what it takes for the job.... [But] your question provides me with an uncanny opportunity to brown-nose.... So any of the many media critics our country is blessed with-including those at AJR, CJR and the stellar truth soldiers at Brill's, not to mention Howie Kurtz--would be any God-fearing American's pick for president. As would any of the decision makers and anchors at CNN, ABC, my fearless leader David Talbot at But in my heart of hearts, I would love to see the smarts and brashness of Ted Koppel in the Oval Office--after a tough campaign against GOP candidate John Stossel."
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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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